One Offs

Come Stay A While (This Apartment Needs No Rent)

The click is too loud.
I should probably be awake the next couple days, just in case.
Just to be safe.

The pages are all out of order again.
Keep an eye on mix R, it’s acting up.
My leg is itchy. It might have to be chopped off.

I pinch nerves all the time.
It’s why I’m so nervous.

Someone’s at the door.
It’s the pizza you never ordered.

(tapes are destructive recordings)

Come on in, everything is laid out
for you.
No I didn’t ask for extra sausage.
No, this is three four two, you want next door.
No. No. That’s okay.
Yeah. You don’t wanna know, and neither do I.
Okay. Yeah. Good luck.
Alright, you have a nice night sir.

Continued violence against the body will not be tolerated. You must remain calm and stick to tattooing your extremities or face the firing squad.

(sugar is bad for the same reason that cocaine is good)



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