Count Down


A couple of small words can turn a whole day around.

It must be so difficult, teetering on the edge. Never quite being able to do one thing or the other. A dandelion floating around

You are something
nobody wants.

at the mercy of the breeze. Constantly seconds away from being swept away again. Just to end up anywhere, further from where you began.

What can anyone do with you
if, after two days alone,
they come back to find you dead?

Count Down


We are the people who have nothing, because they came and took it all away. We are the people who refuse to contribute to society until society stops fucking us. We are the people who just wanted a place to belong, and they wouldn’t even give us that. We are the people who wanted to create something beautiful, but were told to get back in the line and continue shoveling ourselves under dirt. We are the people who have nothing.

For now.

Count Down


The gentle slope up is the best part of the roller coaster. From the first drop onward, you will never again reach those heights. Never again feel so calm or grounded. Never again so stable. From the next moment onward, existence will be an unending cycle of breathtaking highs and devastating lows. Say goodbye to all your other plans.

Welcome to the ride.

Count Down


You wanted to find out who you really were. Does it please you? Was knowing all that important?

The thoughts are more subdued today, but I can still hear their footsteps in the distance, pacing. I am discouraged and unmotivated, but I push on nevertheless.

Every positive thought is against me. Every negative thought is my soul trying to break through.